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Published on:
Nov 9, 2023
Updated on:
Sep 7, 2023

Let's Protect Our Seas: Jinhwa Beach Area HLB Plogging Event Held

This event was held with the Etzeler team, and participants were provided with essential tools such as gloves and trash bags. During the plogging event, attendees worked on beautifying the surroundings of the beach and continued their collective efforts to protect the marine environment and restore ecosystems. After the event, snacks and beverages were provided to the participants, and there was also a time to share information about the types and amounts of trash found. Through this, the importance of environmental protection was emphasized, and discussions were held on what environmental protection measures are needed in the future. Ken Do, the CEO, stated, "Our company is committed not only to building ships but also to protecting the marine environment and pursuing sustainable development," and revealed plans to grow alongside the community through various social contribution activities.

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