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Published on:
Nov 9, 2023
Updated on:
Sep 7, 2023

HLB ENG Website Revamp: Integration of Ship and Materials Business Units with a New Design

HLB ENG's website was revamped in May 2023. The previous websites for the Ship Business Unit and the Materials Business Unit have been merged, giving birth to an even better and fresher design. With this website overhaul, you can now find information about various business sectors of HLB ENG in one place. This enables customers to locate the information they want more quickly and easily. The newly revamped website introduces several features and designs to enhance user experience. There are more intuitive navigations, clear images and videos, and spaces that provide the latest news and materials. Additionally, the website is optimized for mobile devices, allowing for easy use on smartphones or tablets. This ensures that customers can conveniently access HLB ENG information anytime, anywhere.

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