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Published on:
Nov 9, 2023
Updated on:
Sep 7, 2023

2023 HLB ENG Mini Workshop

Discussions about challenges, innovations, and collaborations in shipbuilding and composite materials took place at HLB ENG's headquarters. This event aimed to share information among employees from various departments within the company and grasp industry trends. This workshop solidified its importance as a space for HLB ENG to foster continuous innovation and prepare for the future. Notably, the most significant topic of this workshop was automation in shipbuilding and composite materials. HLB ENG, with its long history and diverse experience in shipbuilding, is considering the introduction of automation technology, recognized as a vital step towards improving productivity and efficiency. The workshop exchanged diverse opinions on the potential and possibilities of ship automation. HLB ENG's technicians analyzed the advantages and challenges of ship automation, identifying areas in the shipbuilding process where automation could be introduced. Based on this analysis, HLB ENG plans to effectively introduce automation technology in future shipbuilding processes. The workshop also discussed innovations and collaborations in the composite materials field. HLB ENG has a keen interest in researching composite materials that are lighter than conventional materials but have superior strength and durability. During the event, the latest trends and achievements in composite material technology were shared, and potential collaboration avenues with related companies were explored. HLB ENG's management emphasized the importance of a forward-looking attitude and preparedness during the workshop. In today's fast-paced society, companies need to have an open mind and proactive stance to prepare for the future. HLB ENG aims to foster this mindset, strengthening leadership in shipbuilding and composite materials through challenges and innovations. This mini-workshop on the themes of challenge, innovation, and collaboration was highly beneficial for many participants. Through the event, HLB ENG was able to gauge industry trends and provide direction for technological development. It also facilitated communication and collaboration among employees, offering an opportunity to enhance participants' capabilities. Moving forward, HLB ENG plans to undertake innovative projects in the fields of shipbuilding and composite materials based on the ideas and opinions derived from this workshop. HLB ENG is committed to fulfilling its role as a continuously evolving company through challenges and innovations and will provide state-of-the-art shipbuilding technology in preparation for the future.

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